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Madeline Virtual provides skilled and flexible business support so that you can let your creative genius shine.

The juggle is real – so how can Madeline Virtual help?

You're feeling drained by a never ending to do list of menial but essential admin tasks.

You're wanting to spend more time on the fun and creative side of your business.

You're ready to level up, launch that new offer or establish an online presence.

You're seeking skilled support but don't want to fork out the overhead costs, equipment and office space.

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Karen Vivarelli, Business Coach & Mentor

Before I started working with Madi I had let my Pinterest account go. It was just another thing on my list that I didn't have the time to put much effort into. Even though I love Pinterest, I knew it was an incredible platform I simply wasn't utilising to its full potential! Enter Madi and her magic!! She was able to clean up, makeover and optimise my entire account. She was also able to repurpose a lot of my existing content into pins that have resulted in an 800% increase in monthly views, 500% increase in monthly impressions, and 111% in website traffic in the first month!!!! Thanks Madi for all of your amazing efforts. 


Bec Smith, Little Luxe Co.

Madi has been an integral part of my Pinterest team for over 10 months! Madi is diligent, a team player but also very much able to work autonomously, which as a busy business owner I am so grateful for, to know that Madi always has everything under control without me having to worry. Madi’s Pinterest knowledge is second to none and has assisted me to support my clients in spades this year. If you are lucky to have the privilege of having Madi manage your Pinterest account (or working with her!), I promise, you are in good hands. Forever grateful for your passion, dedication, and support Madi. Thank you!